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For International Bayers

This page is designed specifically for international users. It contains a lot of mistakes in English as created using an automatic translator from Russian into English language.

In this russian site we sell hosting, VPS and dedicated servers in offshore data centers around the world: Europe, Russia, Ukraine, Iran. If you wish, you can see all our services by viewing our entire site using an translator here.

For our international users, we offer offshore location for them - Ukraine. Also you can check Swiss servers if need.
On a hosting, dedicated server or VPS in Ukraine you can host all except: spam, сhild pоrn, phishing, malware, carding, ddos.


This prices from our site:

Shared hosting price: 30$

VPS 512mb ram price: 25$
VPS 1gb ram price: 40$
VPS 2gb ram price: 60$

Dedicated Servers in Ukraine:
Cheap dualcore servers from 70$
Production quad and 12 cores servers from 200$

Upgrade and downgrade available! 1Gbit, SSD etc can be installed!


Registration process on our site in Russian language and payment is only accepted webmoney. We know that international users to conveniently pay paypal. Paypal can be easily exchanged in Bitcoin here. After exchange you can pay for our services via bitcoin. We did separate instructions for our international users to order hosting, VDS or dedicated server in Ukraine there:

1. Pay on Bitcoin wallet .
2. After payment write payment data (your wallet paid from) here
3. We will send the details to access hosting, VPS or server to your email.


О нас

Анонимный абузоустойчивый хостинг Abuse Hosting предлагает свои сервисы на серверах только из оффшорных зон.

Таким образом у нас РАЗРЕШЕНО:

  • порно хостинг (хостинг adult)
  • фарма, онлайн казино без лицензии
  • хостинг фильмов, торрент трекер
  • взломанные nulled скрипты
  • HyIP (хайпы)
  • и многое другое.

    Но у нас ЗАПРЕЩЕНО: правила.